Welcome to ONO LEAN LOGISTICS the first scalable automatic ONO Racks, natives 4.0

We present the first scalable rack ONO Lean Logistics, natives 4.0, designed for the company of the future. ONO Lean Logistics' Racks represent a truly revolutionary solution in the field of warehouse logistics: their capacity, shape and structure can be expanded over time with minimal and low-cost interventions, thus allowing to recover the initial investment already made and adapting the warehouse to the current need of the company. They are the perfect solution for companies that need to store and move goods and production materials frequently (e.g.: for assembly lines and production plants), with the desire to eliminate waste of time and resources, as well as automate the movement of materials.

Why choose ONO Lean Logistics

Industry 4.0

ONO Lean Logistics is native 4.0, and is the new market reference for assembly lines and production facilities.


A perfect logistic ecosystem: thanks to AI and our software solutions, ONO Lean Logistics will adapt to your needs.

Scalable solution

Unlike traditional warehouses that are pre-fixed, ONO Lean Logistics will allow you to increase or change your storage capacity at any time!

Time is money

ONO Lean Logistics systems break down the barriers of movement and time and save a lot of time compared to traditional systems.

Protection first

ONO Lean Logistics adopts the latest security technology applied to storage systems. Breakages, leaks, dust... they will only be a memory!

Better design

ONO racks are completely customizable for design, protection material and color. We take care of every detail!

Personalized? Side by side? External bays ?
Here are some examples that ONO Lean Logistics can offer you!

There is no limit to your imagination and if you have any doubts ... contact us!